5 Days Mt Elgon Hiking

5 Days Mt Elgon Hiking

Mt Elgon National Park is one the most beautiful mountain in East Africa and the second highest in Kenya. It covers an area of 169 km2 and lies 140 km North East of Lake Victoria. The Distance from the capital city of Kenya Nairobi is 470kms.The climate is moist to moderate dry. This beautiful national Park is endowed with cliffs caves, waterfalls, gorges, calderas e.t.c. The lower side of Mt Elgon is covered by canopy of olive olea hochstetteri and Aningueria adolfi-freidericii wet montane forest. The higher altitude covered by Juniper, Pillar wood Cassipourea malosona, Sambucus adnata, Podocarpus trees gracilior forest with orchids, Bamboo, Arundinalia alpine Zone. The upper part of this mountain is moorland with Heaths Erica arborea, Tussock grasses, Lobelia, Senecio elgonensis and giant groundsels senecio barbatipes.

Day 1

Drive from you Hotel in Nairobi in the morning for 470 km, 7-8 hours to Kitale town for dinner and over night

Day 2

After breakfast at the Hotel, drive to Chorlim gate where you will peak potters and after checking in, start your walking for 5 hours to the 1st camp in Mitamaiyo camp site. Lunch en-route dinner at the camp

Day 3

Leave the camp early morning to Koitobos camp arriving in time for lunch. After having a lunch, leave the camp for the summit (koitobos peak 13,852 ft)and later in the evening descend down back to Koitobos c camp site amp for Dinner.

Day 4

After early breakfast, descend down to Endebess camp site for dinner and over night.

Day 5

Leave Endebess bluff after break fast to Chorlim gate via Kitum cave and Makigeny Cave. After check in out, drive to Kitale town where you tour ends.

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